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Mid-Week ​Message 

Are You Ready to Praise

We are a little less than a week away from the global annual celebration of "The Resurrection." For many believers in Christ, it presents the opportunity of reflecting and celebrating what Jesus (real name Yahshua) did for us. His sacrifice alone is enough reason for us to praise and worship the Most High God (real name YaHWeH) for all the wonderful things that He has done. When we look at this scripture in the Gospel of Luke, we notice that people are praising Yahshua as he enters into the city riding a borrowed mule. Ironically, this is the first time that Christ recieved praise without having to heal, preach, teach, prophesize, or perform a miracle. As Yahshua enters into Jerusalem, He hears the chant of his people saying "Hosanna" because they viewed Him as their "Savior". I am sure to many bystanders, the entrance lacked a grand entry worthy enough of celebration because the greeks and romans were used to kings and soldiers entering in on their 1st century forms of a Bently, stallions pulling a carriage. Although Yahshua could have entered the city riding a stallion or in a carriage, our Savior chose to ride his drop top with the diamond in the back mule humbly into the city of Jerusalem. For those who didnt know or believe the the prophesies spoken in the Old Testament, felt that peoples praise to Christ looked as ridiculous as a high school chemistry teacher showing students how to do the "nae nae" at a school party, as ridiculous as a fan still "raising the roof" at a sporting event, and granny doing the "mashed potatoes" to prove that music and dances were better during her day. For those who participated, this was proof that our Heavenly Father sent His Son for both the haves and have nots. Unfortunately, it was primarily the have nots who realized that Yahshua was not only Hosanna, but Son of a God as prophesied in the Old Testament. So this is why people gathered by the road and threw their garments and palms on the road as the Savior slowly entered into the city on His borrowed mule. The truth is, YaHWeH and Yahshua inhabits the praises of His people. Whether our praise goes out with our voice, with our hands lifted up, or if we dance like we have two left feet; the Lord inhabits the praises of his people. What we give to YaHWeH, it is for Him and no one else. No matter how ridiculous our praise appears to others, we can't let anyone interfere with our praise and worship to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. This is why Yahshua's haters the pharisees, saducees, leaders of religious law asked Him to tell everyone to stop worshipping him. Tothem their acts seemed as scandalous as Kerry Washington playing Olivia Pope. These religious haters did not want Yahshua to recieve what He deserved, which is praise from all of humanity. I guess Pharisees forgot Psalm 100:4  which tells us, "Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Instead the Pharisees and other religious leaders saw it more important to plan how to get away with murder (Luke 19:47,48), than give thanks to Yahshua and praise Him for coming to earth. We praise Christ through song, dance, and shouting to the Lord for all that He has done. So this means we should always come together prepared to magnify the Lord, because He has always provided us with air, food, water, clothes and shelter. So this week, I challenge you to give YaHWeH praise for all that He has done for you and continues to do. I challenge you toenter into the sanctuary with a desire to praise YaHWeH. This means coming into the sanctuary singing, shouting, dancing, or anyway that you can praise the Lord in a manner that is pleasing to Him. Finally I ask, what if you came to church one Sunday morning during praise/worship and found a rock in your seat? Would you be the Christian that moves the rock to sit-down or would you leave the rock their and praise God? I ask this question, because when we come into the House of God and sit-down during praise and worship, we are no different than that rock or worse than a pharisee. Let's be greater than rocks by opening up our mouths, clapping our hands, and dancing for all that YaHWeH continues to do for us. For YaHWeH so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son Yahshua, so that whosoever believed in Him would not perish but have eternal life.

Be sure to read Luke 19:28-48 this week

Min. J Hagwood

If you would like prayer, call us anytime at (276)634-5522.

Dr. and Lady C. Lee Hagwood Sr.

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Scripture of foundation

4"a new commandment i give to you, that you love one another; as i have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."
JOHN 13:34-35 nkjv

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