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Martinsville is located in Southwest Virginia within at least 50 miles of Roanoke, VA which is north, Danville, VA which is east, Greensboro, NC which is south, and Stuart, VA which is west. Martinsville is located in Henry County Virginia and has a charming population of approximately 14,000 people (Henry County's population nearly 53,000 people). Martinsville's terrain exhibits beautiful mountain views from the foothills and provides great recreational activities for the outdoors. With unique shops & boutiques, delightful places for dining, and home of NASCAR's Martinsville Speedway, we hope that you can discover Agape in Martinsville.

We do not put emphasis on dressing up, but we encourage you to come as you are. We understand everyone dresses in their own fashion, and wears what they can afford. We believe God loves us for who we are not what we wear. So we want you to come with an open heart prepared to worship with us in unity. 

Sunday Morning worship begins at 9:00am

Tuesday Bible Study starts at 1:00pm and 7:00pm 

Intercessory Prayer takes place 30 minutes before each service

Please check out the calendar for other services.

What to Expect 

At Agape

Discover Agape in Martinsville

We have a Sons and Daughters Ministry for those persons under the age of 18. We strive to place our children in an environment that they are able to develop their own faith. We are blessed to have teachers in this ministry at Agape who can help our children become future leaders within our church and community.

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We don't just see you as a guest or visitor, but we welcome you to our family. So come join us in our dynamic and rejuvenating service from the time you arrive until the time you leave. At Agape, which stands for Almighty God Anointing People Everywhere, the worship is contemporary and the Word of God is living and uplifting.  

Where are we located

In Virginia

We are located on 38 Corse Avenue in Martinsville, Virginia. Take business 220 to Stultz Road. While on Stultz Road, turn left onto Forest Lane for less than a mile, then turn on Corse Avenue and church will be on the right. 

we love you too